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Thursday, April 20, 2006

TNR and Lieberman, BFF.

As much as this year's elections are shaping up to be an ugly, nasty affair, the DLC fans at The New Republic seem to be doing their part to drive a wedge between Democrats. A pair of recent articles on McCain presented, in pretty wishful terms, the case for John McCain ("He used to say he's pro-choice. Now he says he's anti-choice. I choose to believe the former, and support him.") Now they're setting their sites on Lieberman's Democratic challenger for the senate seat this fall.

What do they have to say? Lamont seems nice. But those supporters of his? Mean, nutty, radical. And actually, Lamont seems like a wishy-washy, spoiled elitist. And his supporters are rabid leftists. Oh, and his supporters are insane. And (gasp!) they blog, which TNR still considers to be a litmus test for mental health. (Hey TNR, circulation still down 60% this decade?)

What they don't point out is that one of Lieberman's potential Republican challengers intended to run to the left of Lieberman. They don't have any explanation to offer as to why Lieberman is still such a staunch defender of Bush's Iraq policy-- not even William F. Buckley goes that far anymore.

Apparently some at TNR feel just as Lieberman himself seems to these days-- Joe shouldn't be subjected to the democratic process. He just deserves the seat. I get it, already. You really, really like Lieberman. I figured that out when the magazine endorsed him for president in 2004. But smarmy innuendo pieces like this aren't going to help your case. And something like a million people a day check in with Daily Kos, whereas you have about 40,000 subscribers. If the 'lefty fringe' outnumbers you by 25 to 1, are they actually the fringe? This article is pure, unadulterated smarm. And although I still subscribe, every new issue causes me to think wistfully of the day when I looked to TNR for intelligent discourse and insightful commentary. Now they just keep telling me that, as a progressive blogger, I also qualify as a lunatic.