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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Dick Cheney: tax cheat

Well, not really. Let's just say 'tax dodger.' Like his five Vietnam deferments make him a 'draft dodger.' You know, sleazy but not illegal.

I'm sure you recall the recent story about Barbara Bush funneling money into her son's business vis a vis a tax-deductible contribution for "hurricane relief." Apparently Big Dick is getting in on the act, too, thanks to the Katrina tax relief act--

Despite the importance of the Katrina legislation to his tax return, it looks like none of the charitable contributions actually went to Katrina-related charities (the press release lists the 3 charitable recipients, all of which were designated in the original 2001 gift agreement). While there's nothing inappropriate about that from a legal perspective, it does demonstrate how the legislation, which was sold to the public as providing relief to Katrina victims, provided significant tax benefits to the VP (and potentially other wealthy individuals) in situations that have nothing to do with Hurricane Katrina.

I'm not a religious guy, but at times like this I sure hope there's a hell for every 'compassionate conservative' who's cashed in on the human suffering of the wars and disasters we've had to face .