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Monday, April 17, 2006

Malkin hits a new low

Some students at UC Santa Cruz decided to protest the presence of military recruiters on campus. The group Students Against War was, by all accounts, non-violent. They had also sent their contact information to the press, in case anyone wanted quotes for a story, naturally.

Then along came Michelle Malkin. She decided to take the press info and post individual protestors' names and phone numbers on her site. Those of you who've spent any time at all on right-wing blogs know what comes next.

You will pay for your seditious activities. It is only a matter of time...We are retired military snipers & we are watching you...

a fine young American very, very soon puts his shiny gun barrel up to your left temple and pulls the trigger. Now THAT will make America a much, much better place to live for the rest of us, you utterly disgusting piece of shit

You intolerant left wing socialist fucking cock-suckers. We're coming to get you and when we do we'll hurt you.

And that doesn't even get into the "non-stop" phone calls. When the students contacted Malking asking her to remove the information from her page--and certainly apprising her of the death threats they were getting-- she decided to post it again. Doesn't that amount to knowing encouragement of a potentially violent situation?

UPDATE (4/18): Keith Olbermann awards Michelle Malkin (also known by the less GOP-friendly surname Maglalang) the title of "World's Worst" for her antics yesterday. Nicely done. Crooks & Liars has the video. And here's some timely bonus fun with Olbermann.