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Thursday, April 20, 2006

The profound dishonesty of the attacks on Rummy's critics: revealed!

Hearing the administration describe their military critics as doddering retirees who don't know the first thing about Iraq has been very, very aggravating-- if predictable. Especially in light of the fact that several of the generals were ground commanders in Iraq.

This lenghty post points out just how disingenuous the administration's (and the right-wing blogs') attacks have been.

It was the 82nd Airborne, after all, under the command of Charles Swannack, that took the lead on some of the most critical missions of the Iraq War, like establishing a training post for both Iraqi police and Iraqi Civil Defense Corps under very difficult conditions in Ramadi around September of 2003. In addition, the 82nd was involved in some of the most difficult battles of the Iraq war, like that of Fallujah, in case anyone is keeping score, as we scandalously go about accusing people of being cowards. (. . .)

Indeeed, Swannack personally escaped injury, when the convoy he was traveling in was attacked in Fallujah. Remember, all of you now, Judith Klinghoffer has described the man who led these men into battle, on the ground in Iraq under perilous circumstances, as being "gutless."

Everything you need to know about the men that the neo-fascists are working overtime to discredit, in one information-dense article.