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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

The un-overhaul

I wish news outlets would stop talking about "shakeups" and "makeovers" at the White House like something's actually happening. Just a day after Bush made it very clear that Rumsfeld-- an actual policy-maker-- had his full support in spite of a no-confidence vote from the public and military, Scott McClellan steps down. Whoop-dee-doo. That's as significant as being told that from now on your going to be flipped off by someone's right hand instead of the left.

And Karl Rove is going to start focusing on the mid-term elections? Give me a break-- the guy's career was built on dirty electioneering.

I'm not even going to print an excerpt from the story. That'll learn 'em.

One more thing-- recall how difficult it's been for the White House to find a new FEMA chief, and how long they've been trying to replace John Snow as Treasury Secretary. Nobody wants these jobs, ostensibly because things are so screwed up-- and the administration has no interest in seeing them fixed. They want yes-men. People who will find inventive ways to deny that anything's wrong in the first place. Nope, there's not going to be any substantive change at the White House until things are so incredibly bad that Bush, Cheney and Rummy all have their necks on the line with no other option for saving their own hides.