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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Another classic Lieberman moment

This is another item I kept forgetting to write about-- it's a very busy week for me.

For the second time in about a month, Joe Lieberman has hinted that in the event of a Democratic primary loss, he'll run as an Independent. His language is breathtaking:

First of all, I'm very confident about the primary. Ultimately, I want to give all the voters in the state a chance to say whether they want me to continue to serve Connecticut. I feel very strongly that I have a lot I could give this state--I've built up my seniority, my independence--over the next six years.

This strikes me as the equivalent of "Look here, Democratic establishment-- you guarantee me a victory or I'm going to ruin this for everyone." Then there's the pathetic whining about seniority. Lieberman is literally suggesting that the democratic process is for lesser people.

I'm embarrassed for the guy.