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Friday, September 23, 2005

GOP fundraiser sentenced to "uncook" books in cell

This is kinda funny, but it also begs the question-- how in the world did this party get so totally corrupted, top to bottom, in such a relatively short time? Or am I just kidding myself?

Bradley R. Hiller won't be idle while serving his prison term.
In sentencing the former Republican insider, a Marion Superior Court judge ordered Hiller to help clean up the books of the Indiana Senate Republicans' fundraising committee, from which he stole money.

Judge Mark Stoner told Hiller, 33, he would facilitate Hiller's movement to and from prison to the Marion County Jail so he can help the caucus account for $146,775 in spending Hiller oversaw without getting receipts.

Stoner said the caucus must file amended tax returns with the Internal Revenue Service.
Hiller pleaded guilty Wednesday to two felonies in connection with spending he could not account for while running the Senate Republicans' fundraising committee. Stoner sentenced him to one year in prison.