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Thursday, September 22, 2005

GOP floats "magic money" reconstruction plan

I've already mentioned some proposed budget cuts to fund the rebuilding effort. House Republicans' effort to kill popular and effective programs in the name of generating revenue for hurricane relief is getting more and more sinister. Now on the chopping block are the Center for Disease Control, and-- reportedly-- veterans' benefits. Again.

But beyond that, they seem to just be making shit up. From TPM:

. . .they propose to "eliminate attache positions in the Foreign Agricultural Service." And this they claim they'll get more than $37 billion of savings just next year. More $347 billion over ten years.

Who knew attaches made such high salaries!

If you look down into the explanation section, it notes that the savings are in millions, not billions, on this and the item below on cuts at the Department of Education. Yet, they push this transcription error through the whole document. So about half a trillion dollars worth of savings they claim don't even exist.

Looks like approval ratings in the low 30's aren't doing anything to alter their devotion to ideology.