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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Rove hunts for reconstruction poster boy

To those of us to whom the appointment of Karl Rove to head up Katrina-related program activities, this will come as no surprise. His primary duty seems to be finding the right photogenic evangelical fruitcake to appear before the cameras in anticipation of a 2008 presidential run. To his credit, he has some experience that seems tangentially relevant. Wouldn't that be a wonderful switch?

“It's an honor to have some people suggest that I should be a possible candidate to lead a reconstruction effort in New Orleans, but I'm happy being governor,” Romney told CBS4 Political Analyst Jon Keller.

For a guy who claims disinterest in the job, Governor Romney seems to have given it a lot of thought.

“You begin by finding out what's really going on. Do a complete audit of the infrastructure, not just a financial audit but an audit of the people, of the capital in place, of the infrastructure, what has to be done, what the options are,” Romney said.

And two top Republican sources tell CBS4 News that GOP officials have made tentative inquiries about Romney's availability to help guide the recovery. Romney aides say they're unaware of any such contact. But our source says while no offer has been made, Romney is “on everyone's short list for the job.”