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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Katrina becoming the GOP's hot potato

Between Alaska Representative Young calling the idea of abandoning his $235 million pork project to build the infamous "bridge ot nowhere," the continued efforts to repeal the estate tax, the flat-out refusal to rescind any of the Bush tax cuts, Bush's continuing slide in the polls.... and the American public wondering why the hell their government has spent two weeks running around like the 3 (extremely wealthy) stooges while people on the Gulf Coast continue to die from lack of food and water, some prominent Bush Republicans are beginning to do what they can to ensure that they aren't the ones caught on tape still pushing tax cuts or defending FEMA. Check out Oklahoma kook Jim Coburn on Lou Dobbs' CNN show today:

DOBBS: Wait a minute. Senator, you can't say that. Congressman Tom DeLay says that this is the most efficient government he can imagine, that there's no fat in this government.

COBURN: Well, I talked with him today about that quote and that was not his quote. And you know ...

DOBBS: Whose was it? Whose was it, Senator?

COBURN: I'm worried -- I'm very -- well, I think -- it might have been manufactured. I'm not sure. The fact is, is we -- I know of $100 billion in cuts that we could make tomorrow that nobody would feel. Nobody would feel.

Where was that phantom quote printed? The Moonie-controlled Washington Times.

If you'd like your own dose of hurricane relief, check out Jack Cafferty on Wolf "they're so black" Blitzer's show.


Video-QT (rush transcript)

Cafferty: ...The public is not going to buy any of this stuff that comes out of Washington. They're not going to believe anything that comes out of these partisan reports or stuff that was done from within the White House. It just isn't going to wash. The game is up with John Q Public. They're not buying this stuff anymore!"

Cafferty has rapidly become a darling of progressive blogs for his outspokenness on Katrina and the government's miserable response. I also suspect that Crooks and Liars has tweaked their links so that they don't work from external sites. So if those hyperlinks don't work, follow the link in the title.