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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

"News Fatigue"

I hate to use such a lame title, but I suspect that's the reason that so many blogs are posting less than usual these days. In the case of DC Media Girl, she's actually come out and said that the aftermath of Katrina was such an emotionally draining time that she needed a break.

My suspicion is that many bloggers find themselves feeling the same way these days. That means fewer posts across the progressive blogosphere, and therefore less news items to comb through each day.

That's why I've been posting a bit less than usual-- it's isn't laziness, or that I'm experiencing a wiped-out feeling after the disastrous hurricane. In fact, in spite of the tragedy, I'm feeling more energized than usual to take the fight to the GOP and start demanding that they acknowledge their remarkable unpopularity and start doing what the country demands, rather than what right-wing extremism dictates.