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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Video Bonanza: The Left Strikes Back

Crooks and Liars has posted some fantastic video clips in the last few days. Most of them are right-wing pundits speaking with progressives. So you know half of what you're going to get-- a dog and pony show by righties. The good news is that the progressives acquit themselves admirably.

Especially Bill Maher appearing on Tucker Carlson's latest doomed-to-failure show, whatever it's called. Carlson tries to make Katrina all about (gasp!) Bill Clinton. Maher spanks him as soundly as Jon Stewart did. This is a must-see. Apparently we need more liberal comics on the talking head shows. They have a strong record of trouncing the spin-meisters.

Then there's this (very brief) clip of Jack Cafferty on Wolf Blitzer's idiotic 'Situation Room.' The issue is Tom DeLay, and Blitzer's obviously taken aback by Cafferty's straightforward question. The man is gutless.

Finally, I'll toss in Phil Donahue on O'Reilly's declining show. They're talking Sheehan, and the video plays out as Ye Olde Complete PlayeBooke of O'Reilly-style propagandizing. First the attempt to define the issue in extreme terms. Phil rejects it. Then the attempt to throw out bogus statistics and dubious facts. No dice. Then the blustery tough-guy front. That doesn't work either. O'Reilly comes tantalizingly close to looking like the pathetic bully he is. Highly recommended.