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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Write your own caption

Yes, this is a genuine photo (see link above).

[Image of areas affected by tropical storm and hurricane force winds]

It's just begging armchair comedians to have a field day with it. Allow me....

"You see, son, when a storm system loves a continent very much..."

"US Gov't. demands immediate abstinence-only hurricane plan"


"For a good time, call Rita"

UPDATE: 'Cuz I gotta have it....

"Cloudy and rainy today, with an 80% chance of hot, wet action."

"America's Red/Blue polarization hits new high."

"National Weather Service: I like to watch."

UPDATE 2: Because it's just so easy.

"NWS renames Rita-- now Hurricane Monica."

"Lovely Rita, easily laiiiid"

"Intelligent Design proponents: Evidence suggests male designer."

"Jimmy Buffett set to record 'Cheese Buggery in Paradise.'"