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Friday, September 23, 2005

Corruption du jour

Let's see here. The Bush administration ignores the brutal Saudi regime and their sponsorship of terrorism. Rumsfeld and Cheney were pals with Saddam Hussein, way back when. Pat Robertson has interests in African diamond mines run by murderous dictators. Tom DeLay lobbied for Saipan in spite of their complicity in the slave trade and forced labor. Reagan's administration sold arms to Iran. Now this:

David H. Safavian, the Bush administration official arrested Monday, initially failed to disclose lobbying work he had done for several controversial foreign clients when he went before a Senate panel last year to be confirmed as chief of the White House's federal procurement office.

The Senate Governmental Affairs Committee held up Safavian's nomination for more than a year, in part because of lawmakers' concerns about lobbying work for two men later accused of links to suspected terrorist organizations, according to committee documents. Safavian did not disclose his firm's representation of the men until questioned in writing by the committee's staff, and initially failed to tell the panel he had registered as a foreign agent for two controversial African regimes.

How these folks keep duping the American public into electing them (well, most of them) is beyond me.