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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Help stop USA Next

Through Howard Dean's site, you can sign a petition to protest the airing of ads by USA Next that attack the AARP through totally dishonest means. Some actual headway was made with the Swift Boat ads, but too late. The word was out. The groups tactics will be the same-- airing genuine issues is irrelevant. The point is to command media attention by making outrageous claims. Only the savvy will know that they are lies. Sadly, most will only hear that there are two sides: the 'nice' conservatives vs. the 'mean' liberals.

Even red state Repubs are afraid of Bush's plans on Social Security. This move is to whip up the populace into another anti-gay frenzy in hopes that they can make an end run around wimpy Democrats. The method is to imply that AARP is a communist front (that isn't an exaggeration) trying to subvert morality.

Another blog that I check in with has written a lengthier argument on why we need to stop these propagandists in their tracks. Highly recommended-- especially since they always do a better job with pertinent links than I do.

Sign up, stay tuned, and keep looking for ways to take action. We can't keep standing by as reactionaries destroy the nation.