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Sunday, February 20, 2005

Mainstream Press to Pursue Gannon?

An interesting note on the issue: Matt Drudge hasn't even mentioned Gannon on his site. That can't signal confidence on the part of the GOP.

The above clip is from Bill Maher's new show. Lesley Stahl seems to take the story seriously. And stick with it for Senator Joe Biden's remarks-- he's right on the money.

It looks like it might be happening, after more than two weeks of left-leaning blogs being on the story. And it's about time. Hopefully, many will pursue the security issue of a right-wing hack getting the same admittance to the prez as actual journalists, who undergo an FBI background check. Not to mention his knowledge of the Valerie Plame leak and perhaps knew in advance of the invasion of Iraq. From Raw Story:

"Washington sources tell RAW STORY that calls are flying around the District as much of the mainstream press seeks to catch up with online reporting–including some from such prestigious magazines as The New Yorker.

The wire services have also begun digging, sources say, which could place the Gannon scandal in hundreds of smaller newspapers across America.

Some suggest that the mainstream media–which initially left blogs and online outlets like this site to flesh out the story–are now seeking to reestablish their grasp and perhaps break new elements of it themselves."