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Saturday, February 19, 2005

Strange Fruit III

This story just keeps getting more entertaining. Guckert went on Anderson Cooper's show to talk about the fracas. Only, he wasn't about to actually talk about it. The highlight is listening to a gay, right-wing pimp explain why people's private lives shouldn't be a matter of public record.

Guckert: ". . .[my past] isn't relevant to the job I was asked to do, which was to be a reporter."

Paging Bill Clinton....

You can see the video here: Video

If you've got a fast connection, it's really worth watching. You can almost feel sorry for the guy-- although he's certainly being hoist by his own petard. Watching him insist that he's a journalist even though he was working for a company run by one of W's Texas cronies will give you that strange feeling of wanting to laugh and cry at the same time.

And how is the right reacting? Apparently by making threatening calls to friends of the AmericaBlog host (that's the site that started it all). Why do they hate freedom so much?

There's more-- the story begins to appear in the mass media, amazingly enough. Here's a story from CBS News. Although it couldn't possibly be anything more than sour-grapes payback over that dreadful Rather business....