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Thursday, February 17, 2005

Moving the Goalposts

I admit it. I watched the Iraqi election with dread. Not because I want to see us fail there. Just because it would become the latest political football for Bush's rentboys on the right. The issues of WMDs and Saddam's threat to the US were our reasons for going to war. And they were lies. But we all know that all the right has to do is switch the party line to "we went to war to establish a democracy," and the press will dutifully nod their heads and take it down.

This link from DailyKos (I even stole the title, pretty much) highlights their line of reasoni.... errrr, propaganda. And shows how the right will continue to frame the issue in terms of the left "hating freedom." You know, just like Al Qaeda. The right stirs up the Kool-Aid, and the press drinks it down.