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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

The Right reacts to Gannon/Guckert

So a gay-bashing phony journalist who also happens to be selling his body to gay men is given access to the president, and uses it to ask softball questions. Under a pseudonym.

If you're a rabid conservative, what do you do? Here's one example:

A) Deny that a propogandist given significant access to the Prez is a story.

B) Create "jeuvinile" posts on gay websites targeting progressive bloggers.

The page is an interesting read. Atrios, the mark, doesn't seem to care. He links to it on his own page. The author of the site, however, seems to think that a negative response by some on the left shows that they're crazy Jesus-haters. There's even a touch of martyrdom (a la Guckert himself) as the author decries one comment by a reader of Atrios's blog that mentions the possibility of a lawsuit. The victim mentality of reactionaries is beyond me-- how can you feel persecuted when you control the entire government?