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Friday, February 11, 2005

More Poop on Gannon

It's interesting to note that most of the heavy-hitting blogs are steering clear of Gannon's connections to gay porn (vey genteel of them). But apparently there are plenty of other unsavory aspects of his life to report on.

Courtesy of Eschaton:
  • Gannon/Guckert (name is apparently confirmed by the Washington Post), 5721 Kennett Pike, Greenville DE 19807, had a tax judgment filed against him in October of 1996, available for viewing here. Don't know if this effects the story, but some bloggers have claimed that another Gannon/Guckert related website,, is not on file with the IRS or as a non-profit, so this may have some bearing.
  • Gannon/Guckert claimed to know nothing about GOPUSA, however he can be heard here working directly for GOPUSA, and I also found an article for Talon News co-authored by Gannon and Bobby Eberle, owner and CEO of GOPUSA (and Talon News, for that matter). The article, entitled "Whistleblower in Judicial Memo Scandal Resigns, Files Ethics Complaint," was written by the two men and posted on February 11, 2004, to the GOPUSA website, with a Talon News insignia beside the title/by-line.