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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

The scandal that may never be

I've missed a HUGE amount of news over the last two days, and I apologize to all five of you.

You'll want to check in with DailyKos over the next few days. They're pursuing a story that involves the leak of Valerie Plame's status as a covert CIA op by Robert Novak in his NYT column. The eerie part is that it also involves ersatz journalist Jeff Gannon (not his real name, as it turns out), recently outed as the G. Gordon Liddy look-alike who's been given White House press credentials in exchange for lobbing rhetorical softballs at political T-ball player Geroge W. Bush. Required reading.

I'm linking to a January 30 story here, but I thought I'd hold off until the news grew, as opposed to being discredited and vanishing...

More links for the hungry: (Today it was pretty much non-stop Gannon action)
(This mentions something tha's news to me-- his connections to gay porn sites(!?!))

To summarize: it looks like a fake newsman was given special access to Bush, when it was known that he would toe the party line. But as it turns out, he might have been the fake journalist of choice for strategic "leaks" to "confidential sources" that could, of course, be entirely trusted by the powers that be. And it's even worse than that, since a chosen emissary of the moral right is apparently what might have been called a "tabard hoister" a few centuries ago.

Exactly what does it take to bring these Keystone Kriminals down?