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Friday, February 11, 2005

ABC News: Your home for investigative journalism

More from Robert Park:

"In an hour long report last night, Primetime Live co-anchor John Quinones traveled to a remote area of Brazil to find out if "John of God" is really a miracle healer as his followers claim. Wake
up ABC! It's the 21st Century. In a position to help millions of viewers understand that they live in a rational universe, ABC has chosen instead to tell them that their sad superstitions are
open scientific questions. To give the program credibility they turned to "one of the world's most respected surgeons, Dr. Mehmet Oz." Oz is no doubt a fine surgeon, but he has touch therapists
in his operating room helping patients "connect to the healing energy everywhere."

Meanwhile, we have to get news about our new Secretary of State committing perjury from Australia. Thanks, ABC.