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Sunday, February 20, 2005

GOP adopts Iraq strategy on port security

By which I mean hand over hundreds of millions of dollars to cronies with no oversite. They won't be able to match the unaccounted-for billions in Iraq (including a case of $9 billion literally vanishing), but they're earning an A for effort. From the NYT:

". . .less than a quarter of the $517 million that the department distributed in grants between June 2002 and December 2003 had been spent as of September 2004, the inspector general found. The report also questioned whether grants allocated for small projects in resort areas and some remote locations should have been considered as critical to national security needs as larger projects at ports that are more vital to the national economy.

The findings, released earlier this week, were the latest to criticize the Homeland Security Department's antiterrorism grant program, which has come under attack by people who say it has set poor priorities. For example, Wyoming received four times as much antiterrorism money per capita as New York did last year, according to a Congressional report."