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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

What if Hillary announced her candidacy and nobody came?

Of course, as the article only obliquely points out, Hillary Clinton has no ties to the group and wasn't present. So my title isn't exactly a fair characterization. On the other hand, twenty participants isn't a very promising number. Especially when there's free food.

A Hillary Clinton rally drew critics of President Bush, nonpartisan voters looking for a strong leader, and people who want to elect a female president.

About 20 people attended the Tuesday event, the national kickoff for, a grass-roots group pushing to draft the New York senator and former first lady to run for president in 2008. (. . .)

Organizers hoped to have 200 people at the event in Nashville, a city selected to show that Democrats can win in Southern states.

They were disappointed but said they are not focused on numbers.

"We can build something from this," said E. Gayle O'Hanlon, president of Enchanted Gingerbread, who cooked for and helped organize the fundraiser. (. . .)

Under large shade trees on a vacant lot in the Germantown neighborhood, the mostly female crowd picnicked. Two anti-Clinton protesters picketed on the sidewalk nearby.

The good news: plenty of leftover gingerbread. What I still want to know is just who does back a Hillary candidacy? She's raked in a huge amount of cash, and is widely referred to as the "presumptive nominee," but where's the support?