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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Lou Dobbs' news source is white supremacist group

One meme that the kooky right is pushing during the immigration debate is that Mexicans are streaming across the borders and participating in rallies with one purpose-- to reclaim about a third of the United States for Mexico. The most notable figure concerned about this cabal is probably anti-pigmentarian Michelle Malkin, but now CNN host Lou Dobbs is getting in on the act.

Today on "Lou Dobbs Tonight," CNN ran a graphic sourced to theCouncil of Conservative Citizens, a group deemed to have a "white supremacy" ideology according to the Anti-Defamation League.

During a piece about illegal immigrants in Utah, reporter Casey Wian said, "Utah is also part of the territory some militant Latino activists refer to as Aztlan, the portion of the southwest United States they claim rightfully belongs to Mexico."

Suggesting that the group is "deemed" to have a white supremacy ideology is something of an understatement. They have a lengthy history of causing headaches for southern politicians (Bob Barr, Trent Lott, Haley Barbour, and even David Duke (remember him?)) who speak before the group, then plead naivete.