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Monday, May 22, 2006

Drudge's 'gotcha' that wasn't; talking schmience with the prez

Think Progress caught both of these stories today, and shows just how goofy the right's version of a war on global warming has gotten.

Drudge's lede: Gore & entourage took 5 cars to travel the 500 yards from hotel to screening of global warming pick in Cannes.

Think Progress' 30-second investigation: ThinkProgress contacted Gore’s representatives, who unequivocally confirmed that Al Gore and his associates walked from the Majestic Hotel to the screening at Cannes. Further, Paramount has committed to making the entire tour promoting the film carbon neutral.

Drudge's story vanished within an hour of TP's post.

The president talks global warming: He went on to argue that we need to “set aside whether or not greenhouse gases have been caused by mankind or because of natural effects.”

This is goofy even for someone in denial. The fact that burning fossil fuels creates greenhouse gases isn't disputed by either side (even those recent industry ads on C02 argue that the extra greenhouse gases are a good thing, not a fabrication). And it really doesn't jibe with Bush's own campaign promise to limit carbon dioxide emissions-- not to mention former EPA chief Christine Todd Whitman's assessment that global warming is"one of the greatest environmental challenges we face, if noth te greatest."

One thing seems certain: Bush might've just been confused (the ol' "lying or incompetent" standard again), but the administration is clearly committed to doing nothing about the issue.