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Friday, March 17, 2006

Privatization has risen from the grave

Incredibly, the GOP is still trying desperately to dismantle Social Security. When Fearless Leader made the round on this issue after the election, he found that no matter how he tried to 'frame' the issue, more than 70% of Americans told him to kiss their collective asses. So he tried to sneak it into this year's budget. But he got caught.

Yesterday, Senate Republicans tried to do it for him. And they came damn close to succeeding. The only thing that stopped them was, remarkably, a handful of far-right Senators who have been reliably pro-Bush.

Have they suddenly realized that enriching CEOs on the backs of poor seniors is an evil thing to do? Nope. Just facing tough bids for re-election. (It's the second time this week that Montana's Conrad Burns has joined the Dems on budget issues. He must be one frightened guy.)

Also, every single Democrat voted against their plan. Hooray! But... why aren't they making hay with this? With the GOP still trying to demolish Social Security, it's another winning issue for them.