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Friday, March 17, 2006

Katherine Harris: Democratic Activist

Whew. Lucky for us, Florida's Katherine Harris has announced that she's staying in her race for the (snicker) senate. After bursting onto the national scene in 2000 with her efforts to throw the election to BushCo., Harris has subsequently become known for her profound stupidity, inept campaigning, and-- most recently-- shady lobbying deals.

That would all be fine if she had a diabolical fixer like Karl Rove in her corner. After all, as the intellectual/moral equivalent of Harris, Dubya managed to convince a huge number of Americans that he was intelligent, compassionate and honorable. For a while.

But it's too late for the dim-witted, surgically-enhanced Harris. As the clip from Hannity & Colmes shows, Harris comes off as a creepy sixth-grade diva. She's so focused on her own appearance and Scarlett O'Hara delivery that she can barely get her words out.

Not to mention the fact that "I'm going to prove my integrity by spending $10 million to win this election" probably won't resonate with many voters.