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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Fundamentalist advance in Missouri

One of the more troubling pet causes of Bush Republicans is to ban contraception, take control of reproductive rights, and force women to endure unwanted, unintended, or coercive pregnancies. Which, if that's your religious conviction, is your problem.

But it's the nation's problem when, on top of pushing government-sponsored religion, you also push a corporatist agenda that guarantees those babies you care so much about live in poverty and ignorance. "Love the fetus, abandon the child." Definitely a Christian sentiment.

An attempt to resume state spending on birth control got shot down Wednesday by House members who argued it would have amounted to an endorsement of promiscuous lifestyles.

Missouri stopped providing money for family planning and certain women's health services when Republicans gained control of both chambers of the Legislature in 2003.

But a Democratic lawmaker, in a little-noticed committee amendment, had successfully inserted language into the proposed budget for the fiscal year starting July 1 that would have allowed part of the $9.2 million intended for "core public health functions" to go to contraception provided through public health clinics.

The House voted 96-59 to delete the funding for contraception and infertility treatments after Rep. Susan Phillips told lawmakers that anti-abortion groups such as Missouri Right to Life were opposed to the spending.