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Monday, March 13, 2006

Feingold's censure plan blocked

This is a breaking story that I just heard on the Ed Schultz Show. Apparently First has used a parliamentary procedure to block Senator Russ Feingold's call for a censure of George Bush. I'll update as the story appears online.

Ed has really been pushing this issue today, saying that it's painless for Democrats and puts the GOP on the defensive. But like many of us, he seems concerned that some dithering Dems won't have the guts to sign on. And we really need all 44 of those signatures.

And it's certainly a good sign that the GOP is already pulling out all the stops to quash Feingold's plan. It'll mean just one more way to trash them for being the willing servants of this unpopular administration.

UPDATE: Stories are starting to appear, and they're disappointingly predictable-- the GOP is playing the "anti-American" card, and wimpy Dems (including Joe Lieberman, naturally) are waffling. C'mon, fellas-- if you're afraid to stand up to a guy some 65% of the nation disapproves of, what hope do we have?

Even as he spoke, Democratic leaders held off the immediate vote that Majority Leader Bill Frist requested. Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Ill., said he didn't know if there ever would be one. Durbin said that Feingold had sought to use the censure resolution "as a catalyst" for thorough hearings and investigations.

The referral averted a debate and a vote that Democrats privately worried would alienate voters who could decide close elections.

Throughout the day, Feingold's fellow Democrats said they understood his frustration but they held back overt support for the resolution.

Several said they wanted first to see the Senate Intelligence Committee finish an investigation of the warrantless wiretapping program that Bush authorized as part of his war on terrorism.

Lieberman, ever the voice of capitulation, had this to say: "I'd prefer to see us solve the problem." What does that even mean? He'll invite Bush over for tea and biscuits and politely ask him to stop breaking the law?