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Friday, September 23, 2005

Welcome to the Clarence Thomas School of Law

Whew. Seriously funny stuff from the Official Reality Check.

[Oklahoma judge] Donald D. Thompson was charged in January with three felony counts of indecent exposure after a court reporter complained to authorities that he was using the pump in her full view. At the time, Thompson was presiding over a murder trial.

Thompson had a reputation for handing out stiff sentences. He once tried to send a man to prison for life for spitting on a police officer.

Prior to becoming a judge he served six years in the state House of Representatives starting in 1975 where he frequently spoke out against gays. (. . .)

The complaint also said that Thompson, 57, masturbated on a number of occasions in full view of Lisa K. Foster, Thompson's court reporter for 15 years.

Foster said she first started hearing a noise that “sounded like a blood pressure cuff being pumped up.” Foster told investigators she witnessed the judge’s sexual behavior “fifteen to twenty times.”

Thompson fired her after hearing she had cooperated with the investigation into his misconduct.

His attorney filed a motion to have the penis pump excluded from evidence.

"It's so fantastic and so unconnected to factual support, and so prejudicial," attorney Clark Brewster argued.

Judge C. Allen McCall rejected the motion, ruling that jurors have a right to see what is being referred to by the prosecution.

They also can hear testimony that a second "penis pump" was seen under Thompson's bench.

Thompson's lawyers are also trying to suppress 180 hours of courtroom tapes they said contained the whooshing sound of the penis pump in use.