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Monday, August 22, 2005

Right-wing sets up totally unironic Crawford camp

It was pretty much a given, in this political climate, that Cindy Sheehan's actions would prompt strong reactions from Bush's dwindling number of rabid supporters. Needless to say, dozens of fat, uneducated white men have descended on Crawford, Texas, to give Mrs. Sheehan "what for," moron style....

The camp is named "Fort Qualls," in memory of Marine Lance Cpl. Louis Wayne Qualls, 20, who died in Iraq last fall.

"If I have to sacrifice my whole family for the sake of our country and world, other countries that want freedom, I'll do that," said the soldier's father, Gary Qualls, a friend of the local business owner who started the pro-Bush camp. He said his 16-year-old son now wants to enlist, and he supports that decision.

Wow, what a hero. Right, folks? I mean, he's willing to let every child he has die on the president's say-so. All right, technically he said for the sake of other countries that want freedom. Maybe he should arm the kiddies and send them off to Darfur-- I'm pretty sure there are some people there eager to be free from oppression. Oh, and genocide.