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Friday, August 19, 2005

It's official. Another dubious distinction for Bush.

Bush reecently broke the record for the longest time in office without using the veto power. Which doesn't say much for the idea of checks & balances that the Founding Fathers were so careful to build into our system of government. But then, they were products of the Enlightenment, and not the Middle Ages.

Now, in the same week(!) he's broken another: the most vacationing president in history. Unsurprisingly, the previous record was held by Ronald Reagan, who at least had the excuse of suffering from the onset of Alzheimer's Disease. That was 335 days. Just over 333, which would be half of 666, so you can see how the superstitious actor would want to add a couple of days to the total. (The street address of the mansion he was given after leaving office was 666, and he had the city change it.)

It took Reagan eight years. It's taken Bush four and a half. With three and a half years to go, the sky's the limit. Not bad for a self-styled 'war president' who's combatting the largest deficit in world history and hunting for the perpetrators of the deadliest terrorist attack on US soil ever. He must be some kinda genius to solve all of that and still have so much time to spare.