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Thursday, August 18, 2005

Abramoff's day has been murder

Literally. Remember the days when "nice people" like Jerry Falwell were accusing the Clintons of being drug-smuggling assassins who divided their time between doing lines and having unspeakably perverse orgies? Much like Whitewater, it was pure bogosity.

Enter Jack Abramoff, who's been called to court to talk about the murder of man who had recently sold him some casinos. And this isn't hogwash-- it's actually happening, and it's got all the cliched Black Mask trappings: shady business deals in dimly-lit restaurants, casinos, assassinations, the mob, crooked politicians, money laundering.... and Republicans.

Abramoff, 46, and 41-year-old Adam Kidan are charged in a six-count grand jury indictment with conspiracy and wire fraud in the September 2000 purchase of SunCruz Casinos from Boulis. Prosecutors say the pair concocted a fake $23 million wire transfer to make it appear to lenders they were putting a sizable stake of their own money into the deal.

Kidan, who lives in New York, pleaded not guilty last week. U.S. Magistrate Judge Stephen T. Brown set an Aug. 29 court date for Abramoff to travel from Maryland to Miami to enter his plea. Both are free on bond.

A few months following the $147.5 million sale of SunCruz, Boulis was shot to death in his car after it was blocked by other vehicles and an assailant pulled alongside in what police say was an apparent hit. The killing occurred after weeks of acrimony stemming from the sale, including a physical altercation between Kidan and Boulis, who also founded the Miami Subs fast-food chain.