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Friday, August 19, 2005

NRA puts an end to "frivolous suits."

Wow. It's widely-known that this administration works hard to protect corporations from, uhhhh.... everything. Except huge profits for executives. They even have a clever name for it: tort reform. The idea is to prevent lawsuits that would hold companies accountable for things like selling dangerous products. For example, the notorious lawsuit that we've all heard of-- the woman who dumped McDonald's coffee in her lap and was awarded more than a million dollars, since it was served at an unusually high temperature. What you probably haven't heard about that case is that McDonald's had previously recieved some 700(!) complaints about their too-hot coffee, but retained the policy anyway. Because they didn't want any complaints that the coffee wasn't hot enough. Like after sitting in a beverage holder for a few minutes.

Anyway, the NRA has helped themselves to a big ol' retroactive slice of that hot, corporatist action:

This new law not only ends any legal liability in the future on the part of the gun industry for crimes committed with the guns it makes and sells, it also puts an end to a host of lawsuits currently makking [sic] their way through the courts which seek to hold the gun industry accountable for the deaths and maimings its products occasion.

The sort of "frivolous" lawsuits the law will put a stop to?

"Last year, the families of DC area sniper victims won a settlement of over $2 million from the Washington State gun dealer who could not account for the 'missing" assault rifle used by the snipers and who 'lost' over 200 other guns. . . .

"The family of Massachusetts slaying victim Danny Guzman, an innocent bystander shot on Christmas Eve 1999, is pursuing justice against a Massachusetts gun manufacturer that not only negligently hired criminals to work in its plant, but had such irresponsible security practices that it allowed them to walk out of the plant with guns that carried no serial numbers, one of which was used to shoot Guzman.

Remember, folks: "Guns don't kill people-- Republicans kill people." And their evil runs deep.