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Friday, August 19, 2005

At a loss on energy

Ah, the Axis of Evil. Iran is OPEC's second largest producer of oil. And in spite of record prices, America's consumption hasn't fallen. Which means more money for Iran, a theocracy that would very much like to obtain nuclear weapons. And we're giving them more money than ever. Of course, Saudi Arabia is the biggest producer of oil, and it's common knowledge that their theocratic monarchy funds terrorism. We're giving them more money than ever, too, and the president likes to take long walks while holding hands with members of their royal family.

That's odd, considering that the Republican-controlled government just passed an energy bill. Except that the energy bill does nothing whatsoever to reduce our dependence on Iran's oil. Or on Saudi oil. Now, considering that energy bill actually gives oil companies billions in handouts at a time when they're making record profits, it sounds like the energy bill actually encourages oil companies to expand, grow, and refine more oil for us to consume. Oil that comes from states that sponsor terrorists who murder our citizens. So the GOP is knowingly giving sponsors of terrorism more money. There's a word for that: treason.

But I haven't seen word one about it in the news or on the blogs.