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Thursday, August 18, 2005

Governor Taft: maximum sentence, minimum responsibility.

It takes a lot of moxie to use your first post-sentencing statement to say that you have "done a lot in the last few years," and have no intention to resign because there's lots more to be done. Moxie or stupidity. I'm sure the water-cooler quips have already started across the state. His approval rating is about 20%, he's just been found guilty on four charges-- and he's going to stay right where he is, goddammit. He's got to be coming under a lot of pressure from fellow Republicans. Hackett just gave them a big scare, and the indictments are just beginning.

On the other hand, keeping an official crook at the helm through the next elections would sure help Democrats-- and get Ohio out of criminal hands.

P.S.- Don't expect to hear any of Fox's talking heads chiding Taft for his brand-new criminal record.