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Thursday, November 02, 2006

H. Ride 'im Haggard

In Colorado, a gay male escort has alleged that he had a three-year relationship with evangelist Ted Haggard (longer story, with video, here).

Jones, who told a bankruptcy judge last year that he is a self-employed fitness consultant, told Boyles that he was paid money by Haggard, who he says made frequent trips to Denver for sexual liaisons, that he has recorded voicemails and a letter from Haggard, and that he had also witnessed Haggard use methamphetamine.

Having said that, he can either back up the allegations or he can't. But this isn't just any evangelist. Haggard is the "founder of the 14,000-member New Life Church and president of the National Association of Evangelicals."

And that's just the beginning. Haggard is close to Bush, and regularly described as one of-- if not the-- most influential fundamentalists in the nation.

This story, from Harper's May, 2005 issue has been thoughtfully reposted and is well worth reading (I linked to it back when it was new).

For a short version, you can read this sketch of Haggard from a Salon contributor.