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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Yes, more on Kerry. Sheesh.

I'm surprised, looking at the blogs, how much everyone is talking about Kerry's remarks-- and how discouraged they are. I've about had my limit, because a day's coverage hasn't changed a thing: the righties keep feigning outrage, the media is doing a half-assed job of covering the story, and the story isn't any less ridiculous than it was to begin with.

Item One: The WaPo and CNN each report that Kerry flubbed a line in his prepared speech, which caused the (pretend) misunderstanding. Both failed to report the original lines, which would have settled the issue.

Item Two: Over at the National Review, John Derbyshire tries to exercise a little intellectual honesty and earns himself avirtual bag of hate mail from fellow conservatives. He even reports that some wrote in to acknowledge-- and praise-- the fake outrage.

Nothing surprising there, so I'd like to get back to some other stories. I doubt anyone will object.