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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Obligatory Democrat takes potshot at Kerry

When I wrote the previous post this morning, I almost tacked on a cynical question: anyone care to lay odds on how many Democrats will feel obligated to chastise Kerry?

But their silence up to that point and the absence of any good reason for anyone to chime didn't merit my optimism.

Hillary Rodham Clinton said Wednesday that fellow Democratic Sen. John Kerry's controversial remark about Iraq was "inappropriate," and Democrats must keep the focus on President Bush and his policies.

"I think that no one wants to see the 2004 election replayed," the former first lady said during a campaign stop at a Veterans of Foreign Wars post in Kingston.

Is this anything more than cattiness? If you're hungry for higher office, I suppose taking a poke at a potential rival in your own camp and getting some facetime with the press is all the reason you need.

It reminds me of a passage I read just last night: "Halfway up I met an old priest. He smiled and nodded benevolently, one of those guys who are what priests are supposed to be, and as a consequence, remain at the foot of the episcopal ladder throughout their lives."