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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Kerry quip to be GOP election platform?

I heard on the news this morning that the national arm of the Republican party is planning on running with Kerry's joke for the rest of the week. Leading the charge will be Fearless Leader himself, who's scheduled to do some talk shows beginning with Rush Limbaugh, who could probably use a little image boost himself after mocking a man with a terminal illness last week.

Which angle to take on this? There's the insignificance of Kerry's gag next to Iraq, Katrina or the deficit. Or the utter poverty of Republican politics in making this the new centerpiece of their national campaign. How about our responsible news media giving Kerry's one-liner the same amount of coverage as the most deadly month in Iraq in years?

Although I still don't care to suggest that we'll see a Democratic landslide next week, I don't think this new Republican strategy will significantly affect the outcome. Equating Democrats with terrorists isn't exactly a big shift for the White House, they're just turning up the volume and providing a video clip. And I think Kerry's doing just the right thing by sticking to his guns and calling the White House team a bunch of hacks-- especially by saying 'they know exactly what I meant.' It struck me that I never hear Dems say that in response to Republican spin, but it's a nice way to point out both their lies and their reliance on punlic ignorance to get ahead.