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Thursday, June 15, 2006


When I heard that Ann Coulter would be appearing on the Tonight Show alongside George Carlin, I didn't really feel the anticipation of a (gasp!) showdown. Carlin might be a firebrand, but he never struck me as a 'guerilla theater' sorta guy. Not that I'm any expert. I'm just sayin', is all. He seems like someone who's pretty committed to the idea of more civility in society at large. An entertainer who isn't a jerk, a celebrity who isn't defined by his act. And while she's eminently worthy of ridicule and scorn, I can't really excoriate him for not giving her a tongue lashing (shudder) on national television. And, frankly, he's had a rough couple of years for someone his age.

The concensus after the fact is a sort of mild disappointment that Coulter managed to pull off another skin-tastic media appearance (yes, she was looking handsome in her trademark skin-tight mini dress), peddling her brand of faux outrage unchallenged while ironically claiming that conservatives have no voice.

But Matt Drudge was one of those plugging the show as a likely cage match (winner gets the title, loser gets a bodybag!), and it inspired the readers of the lamentable-as-Coulter-herself reactionary site Free Republic to scurry to the studio and ensure a cheering section for Coulter. (Salon has a brief video highlighting the cheerleaders.)

Why? In the words of the site's readers, to "PROTECT ANN COULTER FROM GODLESS HOLLYWOOD SCUM," because she's such a "bundle of beauty, energy and genius," and "if anyone is acting like text book [sic] fascists, it's the liberals[,] who are resorting to violence and assault and other gestapo [sic] tactics to silence their opposition." The analysis? Liberals are "upset by the jesrsy girs [sic(!)] reference but could give a Damn [sic] about being called "Godless[.]""

And how about the dedicated right-wingers who prevented "a grungy, dreadlocked white kid in a Che t-shirt" from making Coulter look bad by heckling (tragically common on late-night television)? One commentor adds "I think your appearance will do much toward [sic] a greater acceptance of Ms. Coulter's ideas from [sic] the Tonight Show's audience."

Would you crackers like some bananas with your nuts?