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Thursday, June 15, 2006

News roundup

*Alaska Senator Ted Stevens, chair of the Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee says that Net Neutrality is dead.

*Bush calls legally blind reporter to apologize. "I needle you guys out of affection." Wallsten's "only complaint is that the president didn't answer his question at the news conference." Good one.

*Number of Iraq dead reaches 2,500.

*Key members of Congressional Black Caucus decide not to fight on behalf of Louisiana's Jefferson. Charlie Rangel and John Lewis among "most esteemed members in the caucus."

UPDATE: Something I thought was really strange in that article about Bush's apology was that CNN refers to the exchange as "light-hearted." If you watch the video, Bush's jab at the reporter is anything but friendly. He's genuinely pissed at the reporter's 'rudeness.' But Alternet has a clip from the Daily Show that makes it less painful.