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Thursday, June 15, 2006

News Roundup II

Supreme Court's right-wing justices decide 5-4 to allow officers with warrants to enter and search homes unannounced. Justice Breyer, in dissent, writes that it rejects centuries of legal precedents and the Constitution.

[UPDATE: A TPM Cafe contributor asks a pertinent question-- how this squares with "NRA-backed Castle Doctrine bills that give homeowners the right to assume an unknown intruder is there to do bodily harm and can therefore be shot without any obligation by the homeowner to establish that the intruder is actually a danger." That's castle as in one's home. Clever, huh?]

The Pentagon has a new strategy for Iraq: defending their original strategy. On the heels of John Boehner's E-Z Guide to Defending the War (keep repeating "9/11" and "Democrats are weak"), the Pentagon has released a 74-page document on Iraq. Nothing to do with policy or strategy-- it's designed to be used by war supporters who need to explain just how Iraq came to be such a great success. It's Rummy approved! But apparently it was released by mistake, and an attempt made to recall it.

A translation of a document reportedly found in Zarqawi's hideout. Good: the increasing number of Iraqi forces are having some impact at last. Bad: they really, really want a US-Iran war. Just like the White House. But it could be a fake, anyway. No one can confirm the source, and stories differ about where and how it was found. Expect the righties to push it hard as the latest "proof" that Iraq is a success.

With thanks to Mil Apodos on a very depressing news day.