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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Lieberman puruses victory over personal values

After earning the right to be on the primary ballots last weekend by earning a third of the votes-- double what he needed, and more than anyone expected-- Lieberman has continued his churlish attacks on Lamont.

"Ned Lamont can not only try to buy a seat from Connecticut in the U.S. Senate, he can probably buy a seat in a couple of other states if he wanted."

Coming from a booster of the draconian bankruptcy bill, it's tough to take Lieberman's populist attack very seriously. But what of this passage from his book In Praise of Public Life? Someone in Ned Lamont's campaign came across this gem:

Opposition research [on candidate's personal lives] does nothing but demean our politics and defame the people who are its targets. There is nothing wrong with going after your opponent's voting record or any other evidence of negligence in his public life, but digging into his bank account, his phone records, his sexual life, and literally his garbage when these things have nothing to do with the performance of his public duties-past, present, or future-is wrong.

(Emphasis theirs.)