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Thursday, December 15, 2005

[Your gay cowboy movie title here]

A while back, I did a post all about how a certain friend of mine and I like to riff on stuff (Now I see the comments have vanished! What gives?!?). You know, just take an idea and toss some quips back and forth. Today seems like a good time to dust off one of the fairly recent exchanges, which was all about Brokeback Mountain. AND to open it to the public. The last time I did a Name That Caption post, I wound up being totally out-funnied by the mysterious Cipher (These comments are gone, too! What the..!?!). It's time for a re-match.

Odds are you know just as much about this film as I do-- namely that it's probably the only gay cowboy movie that features the performers wearing more than just hats and boots.

On to the comedy. Along with Mil Apodos and the Notorious F.L.A.P.J.A.C.K., I came up with some alternate titles and taglines for Brokeback Mountain. Because let's face it, the concept of gay cowboys is inherently funny, like the alpenhorn or pirate accents.

Swordfight at the OK Corral
Little House and the Fairy
The CoMANcheros
Flaming Saddles
The Mantastic Seven
Jeremiah's Johnson
How the West Was Hung

And some taglines:

Sometimes being a cowboy is a real drag.
A story of MANifest Destiny...
Destined to fill every seat in the theater...
The only thing from Wyoming is steers and queers, and I don't see any... oh, uhhh... never mind.

I noticed that the Air America show did the same thing last week, and one of their writers even came up with one of my titles, "Jeremiah's Johnson." And I knew that we had some professional-grade comedy on our hands.

Thank you, and good night.