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Thursday, December 15, 2005

NC Congressman dogged by corruption, KGB ties

Granted, the title is a little gratuitous. But what would a week be like if it didn't feature the corrupt money-grubbing of a Republican Congressman? This time we're off to North Carolina for a story so absurd it almost matches "Duke" Cunningham's misdeeds.

NC 11th district Congressman Charles Taylor, famed for his disappearing vote against CAFTA, has won a Golden Galaxy Award from theAmerican-Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry for furthering economic relations between the two countries.

No mention of the award at Taylor's website. Maybe that's because many North Carolinians are not impressed by Taylor's business dealings in Russia, where his partner is a former KGB officer.

According to the News & Observer (8/22/2000), "Taylor's closest associate in Russia - the man who has introduced him to business partners there - is Boris Bolshakov, a former Soviet KGB colonel.

"Bolshakov later worked as a senior officer in a bank that has been identified by US authorities as a participant in an alleged international multibillion-dollar money-laundering scheme."

Last year (8/29/04) the Charlotte Observer reported on ethical questions facing Taylor, including unpaid taxes and a staffer's sweet lobbying deal -- and also the wealthy Congressman's Russian connections. "Eyebrows were also raised when Taylor's bank acquired a bank in Russia in September 2003.

"A U.S. congressman with his own bank in the former Soviet Union?"

In August of this year, the Asheville Citizen-Times reported that Taylor "has spent $25,0000 in taxpayer money since the end of 1999 visiting Russia seven times."

Follow the hyperlink for the original piece, with plenty of links of its own. Congratulations, red-state voters. Republicans sell you "guns, gays and God," but neglect to add that they'll pocket the "goods."