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Sunday, October 30, 2005

Sunday Funnies

Now, as it happens, a many of my best childhood friends grew up to be very conservative (though generally not on social issues-- those are the ones you've gotta watch out for). And a fella who's pretty much my closest friend as a grown-up is also a conservative, but I like to refer to him as a 'Massachusetts conservative,' which is to say that he's very liberal on social issues and not terribly pleased with the domestic agenda of the current administration. He's also extremely funny-- another trait one doesn't generally associate with Republicans.

So without his permission, and without further ado, I'm going to post some offhand comments he made about the names of right-wing blogs (something I've riffed on in the past and in his company). After all, whatever your political inclination, a stupid title is just that. And here's some proof of just how effortless it is to ridicule zealots of any stripe. At least two of these are keepers, in my estimation. (Not that I'm to be considered an arbiter of comedic taste, you kids out there. Make up your own mind.)

Villainous company -- go here to get tied to the railroad tracks by the guy with the hat and the curly moustache. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Watcher of weasels -- sounds like he has a peep hole into the men's shower

Sundries shack -- run by the old timer and his mule, dwayne. Come here for your dry goods and don't forget to use the spittoon.

The corner -- you have been very naughty. Go here.

Seven inches of sense -- deeply envious of rival blog 11 inches of sense

Protein wisdom -- only works if you swallow

Moxie -- very very chic. About 100 years ago.

Jawa report -- little man in a cloak with beady glowing eyes. Not recommended for droids.

Drink this -- I beg your pardon. What is this? Alice in Wonderland??

Chief wiggles -- pedophile, house cat or blog?? You decide!

Cheese and crackers -- written by Michael Bolton in a trailer park

Babalu blog -- lucy??? I'm home!!

One thing I'll say about my friends is that they have a knack for ad-libbed comedy, straight off the top of the dome. In this case, since I've taken it upon myself to post the content of a personal e-mail on my site, I'm withholding the identity. On the other hand, if I make a habit of posting our comedic back and forths, you could be introduced to a whole new level of funny. I'll have to ask.