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Friday, October 28, 2005

Tom Noe indicted in Coingate

Fitzmas isn't the only Republican indictment set to go down this week. Corrupt GOP booster and reverse Robin Hood Tom Noe is set to take a big fall in Ohio.

Tom Noe, whose failed rare-coin deal with the state has triggered multiple investigations and rocked Ohio’s Republican leadership, was charged yesterday with illegally funneling $45,400 to President Bush’s re-election campaign.

Gregory A. White, the U.S. attorney for the Northern District of Ohio, announced a three-count indictment against Mr. Noe, saying he used two dozen people as “conduits” to make illegal campaign contributions at a $2,000-a-seat fund-raiser in Columbus.

In doing so, Mr. Noe skirted federal campaign finance funding limits while meeting a pledge to raise $50,000 for the Oct. 30, 2003, fund-raiser. The Bush campaign later named Mr. Noe a “Pioneer” for raising at least $100,000 overall.

The Noe case is the largest campaign money-laundering scheme prosecuted by the U.S. Justice Department since new campaign finance laws were enacted by Congress in 2002, said Noel Hillman, chief of the Justice Department’s public integrity section.

Fifty grand in exchange for a crooked investment deal that netted him millions in taxpayer dollars. He might be a criminal, but he's a shrewd businessman. Thanks to the intrepid OD1 for making my day.