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Thursday, October 27, 2005

More fun with College Republicans

Friendly reminder: they're the ones who loudly support the war that two-thirds of the nation now opposed, but can't sign up to fight because they're too important.

"Regardless of my opinions regarding the war in Iraq, it is my duty as a U.S. Marine to serve and I am ready and willing to do my job to its fullest extent," [Bowdoin student Cornell du Houx] said.

Others on campus, particularly his political opponents in the Bowdoin College Republicans, feel differently about his service. Daniel Schuberth, a leader of the Bowdoin College Republicans and College Republican national secretary, said, "I applaud Mr. Houx for his service, just as I applaud any other soldier who is brave enough to take up arms in defense of his country. I find it troubling, however, that one of the most vocal opponents of our president, our country and our mission in Iraq has chosen to fight for a cause he claims is wrong. Mr. Houx's rhetoric against the war on terror places him in agreement with the most radical fringes of the Democratic Party, and I am left to question his logic and motivation."

Paul Franco, one of Cornell du Houx's government and legal studies professors, disagrees.
"He exemplifies democratic citizenship at its best," Franco said of Cornell du Houx. "Though he opposes Bush's war policies, he still feels obligated to fulfill his duty. ... This is the exact opposite of what is done by those supporters of the war who would never dream of fighting in it themselves or sending their own children to fight in it."

Takes your breath away, doesn't it? 'We proudly support all troops who agree with our ideology.' One more thing-- the College Republicans should learn that members of the Army are soldiers. Members of the Marines are marines.